CoffeeTechLab new product, safety assured.

Innovation has never meant this huge for the security of your important documents, just log in with your email address at wispidi, enter your national ID number, Driving license or passport number and you’re assured of safety for the document.

Wispidi literally means “We Speed”, it is a holistic data sharing information between the people who lost and found their documents. It was initiated by a group of the University of Kigali students pursuing different degree programs in this most excelling University.

The product is another testimony of the unending innovation with a sense of home-grown solution by Rwanda young innovators, aiming at making it more secure for Rwanda community with their important documents.

Its an online solution which among other things is digitizing the lost and found procedures. The platform is free to everyone who has a national ID or other official documents with access to the internet.

Using your formal email address, you are free to login declare and record document identification number.

For inquiries log in at and follow the prompts.

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